Happy New (School) Year!

Welcome (back) CTU students!!!

The Theophilus Journal would like to invite you to get involved in the vibrant CTU community this school year by submitting to both the Journal and the blog!

To submit your academic work from this past year to the Theophilus Journal, you can look online for the submission requirements and then submit your work by October 1st!  Email the Editor-in-Chief, Matthew Dougherty, at Theophilus@ctu.edu with any questions you may have.

To submit other material to the blog, whether it be a poem, a Scripture reflection or homily, some photography, a reflection on your summer ministry or current ministry, or anything else school- or ministry- or spirituality-related, email the blog’s curator, Melissa, at melissa.carnall@gmail.com.

One of our new students already did just that! I hope you’ll follow suit!

To start off our new year, here is a poem by new student, Neil Conlisk:

Familiar Courts

Father, companion,
Source of all rivers.
Your blessings are pleasant,
Your courts are familiar.
Who would reject
The host of the pillars?
He’s risen again
and remembered forever.

A Summer Update

Theophilus friends–

The blog was on hiatus while we transitioned from the 2013-14 Editorial Board to the 2014-15 one. But now we’re back and we’re ready for summer! The Theophilus blog will continue posting almost every week this summer and we want you to be a part.  We would love to highlight the work of any CTU student, alum, staff or faculty member. If you have a short reflection, a poem, some photography, or anything else blog worthy, please feel encouraged to submit it to the blog. This is a way to submit work that is of a different genre than the academic journal, but is nonetheless a integral part of the formative CTU learning environment.  Also, consider commenting on blog posts as a great way to stay in touch with CTU and be community from afar.

we want you meme


And consider submitting your academic work from the 2013-2014 school year to the Theophilus Journal while you’re at it!

Summer posts will start next week!

In the meantime, email Melissa, the blog’s curator, at melissa.carnall@gmail.com, with bold suggestions, hesitant ideas, courageous submissions, curious questions, and all other manner of blog-worthy communication.