The Church’s Best Kept Secret

Mad Made Tree

When I was asked to write about an aspect of religious life that interested me, on thing came to mind.  For me, this one thing is perhaps the least understood aspect of religious life today.  The ironic thing is that this one thing is the very backbone of men’s religious life: the lay brotherhood.

When I first began to realize that I was being called to a religious vocation, I was at a loss.  I knew that I was not called to the priesthood and my only other understanding of vocation for a man was that of monastic life.  Like many people in the Church, I had no knowledge of there being something called the lay brother.  My understanding of holiness for a man was a priesthood or cloistered prayer.  When I discovered the lay brotherhood, however, everything made sense. I had a distinct sense that my vocation lay in that way of life.

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David A. Hirt, O.F.M. Cap.

(Photo Credit: Skip,, Some Rights Reserved)


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