A Summer Update

Theophilus friends–

The blog was on hiatus while we transitioned from the 2013-14 Editorial Board to the 2014-15 one. But now we’re back and we’re ready for summer! The Theophilus blog will continue posting almost every week this summer and we want you to be a part.  We would love to highlight the work of any CTU student, alum, staff or faculty member. If you have a short reflection, a poem, some photography, or anything else blog worthy, please feel encouraged to submit it to the blog. This is a way to submit work that is of a different genre than the academic journal, but is nonetheless a integral part of the formative CTU learning environment.  Also, consider commenting on blog posts as a great way to stay in touch with CTU and be community from afar.

we want you meme


And consider submitting your academic work from the 2013-2014 school year to the Theophilus Journal while you’re at it!

Summer posts will start next week!

In the meantime, email Melissa, the blog’s curator, at melissa.carnall@gmail.com, with bold suggestions, hesitant ideas, courageous submissions, curious questions, and all other manner of blog-worthy communication.


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