Haikus from Honduras

By Ali Kenny

Three weeks after the wedding, my husband and I flew to Honduras. This was not our honeymoon destination, but rather, the start to our first 13 months of marriage. Since July 2013, Pat and I have been living in an intentional community of six (all women save Pat), speaking broken Spanish, raising 106 orphans in our jobs as godparents, and eating an obscene amount of beans. Needing a creatively quick outlet, I began writing haikus about certain experiences, both humorous and less so. Please enjoy on behalf of all associated with Amigos de Jesus and myself.

School Walk


The three-legged dog

nipped at your ankle. Did he

want it for himself?

A Healing


Grandma was an old

mermaid, beached in blue, bought

by a loud prayer.



She saw a coral

snake by the children and took

a rock to its head.

Operation Smile


I have never seen

a palette such as this; eye

in cheek, face value.

Dorm Activities


You pierced your ears

on a black, metal bunk bed;

infected flowers.



My fulfillment is

sharp and hard like rocks in the

bag of my belly.



Why do the children

smell like cheesy toe-jam? The

water is filtered.

A Girl’s Story


The police killed my

mother. She was walking on

birds with a vengeance.

Madrina Dream


I saved you all from

aliens and prostitute

showers. It’s my job.

Another Saturday


The boys were playing

marbles by a dead vermin;

rigor mortis rat.

My Husband


I am a sixty-

cent laborer, flea-bitten

man with a Masters.


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